Movimento Simples de Capoeira Sarawak
By Malcolm Follow | Public

MSC was formed in 2012 to develop, perform and promote Capoeira and its associated forms of Afro-Brazilian cultural practices in Malaysia. We aim to educate the public on the benefits of maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle through these practices.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian dance, fight, game. It evolved among the African slaves brought to Brazil by the Portuguese sometime in the sixteenth century.

Participants form a roda, or circle, and take turns either playing musical instruments (such as the Berimbau, Pandeiro and Atabaque), singing, or playing in pairs in the roda. The games are marked by fluid acrobatic play, feints, take downs and extensive use of leg sweeps, kicks, and headbutts.

As part of its mission to promote Capoeira, MSC aims to set up Capoeira Academies in every states in Malaysia. Thus, as our 1st step we set up Movimento Simples De Capoeira Sarawak our Kuching born instructor Malcolm Wu @ Instrutor Boca Grande (Bocão).